The Gold Standard of Digital Senior Care in Nigeria

Provide world class tech-based remote care monitoring and health education programs for your loved ones with a single button click

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How it Works

Sign up on behalf of your beneficiary (Parents or Grandparents)

Baseline health and environment assessment is conducted, beneficiary profile is created and assigned to a primary care provider under selected plan

Beneficiary visits assigned care provider with an ECP chaperone if required. Transport can be arranged via ECP’s logistics partner

Concierge team on hand to initiate emergency care protocol in the event that your beneficiary suffers a major medical event.

Eldercare plus provides specialized care to meet the evolving needs of the elderly and improve the quality of life for the aging.

Our platform delivers virtual healthcare to beneficiaries nationwide through a single cloud based portal from a centralized care team

Simplified and accessible services so you can give your loved ones the best care that they desire – want to learn about our plans?

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